Drama Club Spring Play


Avery Wilson, Writer

Oh, pixie dust! Fairy Godmother’s wand has been broken by her clumsy apprentice, Tilly. When it broke, all the magic was released and began messing with everyone in the kingdom. Sleeping Beauty can’t nap, Cinderella’s shoes don’t fit, Pinocchio can lie, the handsome prince has turned back into a frog, and the Pied Piper can no longer hypnotize rats with his flute. With the help of Merlin and Tilly, will Fairy Godmother be able to fix everyone before their time is up? What’s a fairy to do? Find out in the drama club’s upcoming performance of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops.


Auditions for the spring play will be held after school on Monday, April 1 and Tuesday, April 2 in Dr. Hollis’ room. Middle and high school students are welcome to audition for the 11 available roles. The drama club is very excited to see the finished product of this play, and we think it’s going to be so fun to put on. If we don’t see you at auditions, then we hope to see you in the audience at the performance.


Available Roles

  1. Fairy Godmother: (206 Lines) Sweet, elegant, and sassy. She can have a bit of a temper at times. Looks younger than she is.
  2. Tilly: (154 Lines) A small fairy in training. Wants to use a wand and to be just like Fairy Godmother. Speaks clearly and sweetly and is a little dumb at times.
  3. Judge: (72 Lines) Feels that Fairy Godmother is guilty of misuse of magic and that Tilly is innocent.
  4. Cinderella: (43 Lines) Dramatic and a royal pain. She whines constantly and cares too much about her looks.
  5. Frog Prince: (40 Lines) Turns back into a frog again. Charming and very much in love with Tilly.
  6. Merlin: (38 Lines) Old, crazy, and wise. Fairy Godmother’s old mentor.
  7. Pied Piper: (31 Lines) Can make everything but rats follow him. A little paranoid when he plays his flute and does not trust Tilly.
  8. Sleeping Beauty: (29 Lines) Very tired and can hardly get a word out without yawning.  
  9. Pinocchio:  (26 Lines) A rude conman who can now lie.
  10. F.L.P Officer: (11 Lines) Convinced that Fairy Godmother had something to do with the magical mishaps.
  11. Prince Charming: (6 Lines) Appears only to reunite with Cinderella and is very dumb.