Five Tips For Securing Your First Job


Your first job interview can be scary and something you think you might not be ready for. Don’t worry, most people feel this way and are worried about their first interview. It can be intimidating to go into a meeting knowing that if you mess up or say something bad that you may not get the job. So hopefully, some of these tips will help you in securing your first job and sending the right message to your boss.

1. Dress Nice

You need to send the right message to your future employer. Showing that you care and actually tried to look nice will send them the message that you care about this position and will help separate you from the rest. Don’t overdress though, if you show up in a full tux for a job interview, this will make you appear idiotic and give them the message that this is a joke.


2. Prepare to answer the most common questions

You can easily learn what question said employer will ask with a simple google of common interview question. Study these and think about what you would say if said questions were asked. A very common question is just them telling you to tell them about yourself. Don’t over think this question and give them your life story. Just try to keep it simple and give them basic background info about yourself.

3. Be confident and have a positive attitude

    This can be easier said than done but this can have a massive impact on the outcome of your interview. The future employer will be assessing you and how you act. If you go in with a lazy or I don’t care attitude, they will instantly put you down on the list of possible hires. If you have a positive and excited attitude, this could translate over to the employer. This would drastically determine how the interview will go and set how they will act towards you.

4. Show up early to your interview

Showing up early to your interview can the message of “Hello, I am ready to start working as soon as possible and will always be on time.” This lets the employer know that you are excited and ready to work. I would say you should show up 10- 15 minutes early.

5. Practice with a family member or friend

The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice with a parent or friends. Have them ask you the most common questions and emulate how the employer will most likely act. This way you can prepare and know how to act for your interview


Hopefully, these tips will help you with your first interview. Every interview will be different but these tips are pretty universal and can be easily used for an interview.