Senioritis Sweeps the Seniors

Samantha Reed, Writer

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When asked, Zach explained that “upon realizing how close [he] was to finally [be] able to leave,” he felt the overwhelming feeling often called senioritis. “I would describe senioritis as the wearing down of one’s mental status and job ethic as he or she approaches [graduation],” senior Zach Smith explained. Though some believe this phenomenon to be as real as depression, others label it is as nothing more than an excuse. Most arguments state that many realizations are becoming clear to our seniors at this time. They are growing up and realizing that they are leaving the high school behind while having to figure out where they will be attending college next fall. For those who have it all figured out, these seniors are facing anxiety, excitement, or even impatience as they wait for the next chapter in their life to begin. John Sutter mentions that, upon deciding where he will be attending college, he just “wanted to skip the rest of high school.”

Many want to pass off senioritis as a joke, but the effects, real or not, can have lasting consequences. Seniors should take into account that senior year is as important, if not more, as all the other years. If seniors slack off too much, they risk not being ready for college the following fall and wasting the year they spent preparing for the next stage in their life. Seniors whose class rank dropped significantly by the time graduation rolled around lost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 per year in financial aid. Even then, many colleges don’t receive final grades until June or July, so if the final report doesn’t align with the information in the application, some students may find they’ve lost their spot at the college of their choice.

Combating senioritis can be difficult for some students, but there are definite ways to improve morale and stamina when it comes to school. Students should try participating more in student activities and enjoy the rest of their senior year. Prom, for example, can be the highlight to many seniors year. It’s easier to remain positive when cheering at a basketball game, participating in the school drama club, or even merely attending the many senior-focused functions such as senior prank and skip-day. Maintaining a rigorous workload may help as well. Instead of sitting through three free periods a day, try taking up gym again or sign up for an art class with Mr. Means. While senioritis can seem overwhelming, the phenomenon is only a feeling. Having no motivation to finish high school is something everyone faces at some point in their lives, and that’s okay. Deep breaths and constant efforts should be enough to make it through the year.