Rebels Win First Game of the Year


Ashton Goode, Sports Editor

On Tuesday, March 26th, the Southwestern boys baseball team took on South Central at South Central. The Rebels came out with a win of 14:3. The rebels ended up ruling South Central in the fifth inning. A senior, Bailey Elliot, pitched the whole game. Tyler Kramer, also a senior, played shortstop and hit. Senior, Talon Harmon, couldn’t play in Tuesday’s game due to not having enough practices.

We talked to sophomore, Ethan Stewart, after Tuesday nights game and he said “ We’ve got a great team with a lot of talent. We have about fourteen guys that will consistently be fighting for a spot, which will make our team even better.” Ethan’s weaknesses are his speed and his throwing. Some of his strengths are long quality at-bats meaning, hits, walks, running up the pitch count, or anything positive. Ethan also wants to include “ We need to work on a couple of little things.” We talked to senior, Bailey Elliot, about his thoughts for his senior season and he said: “We are going to kick butts this season, and I can’t wait to have a great season.” Bailey’s weaknesses are stretching fully before games and trying to stay serious. Bailey’s strengths are hitting, pitching and playing the outfield. He also said that “ We have a lot of great players on this team.” We talked to senior, Riley Elliot, about his senior season and he said “I think this season we will easily get fifteen to twenty wins this year with a conference and sectional title” Riley’s weakness is his hitting, failing to stretch out on the ball. Also not stretching enough before practice and games. His strengths are his pitching and just knowing the game. We talked to a newcomer, Tyler Kramer, who is also a senior about why he decided to join this year, and he said: “I decided to play because I wanted to help lead the rebels to a sectional title!” Tyler ’s weaknesses are his pitching. His strengths are fielding and hitting.

I interviewed Coach Hutton and asked him a few questions about this years season. One of the questions I asked was “What are some of your expectations for the season?” He replied with “We have BIG expectations for this season. We have a great group of returning guys along with some exciting newcomers. On top of that, we are as deep of a team as I have ever coached.” Next, I asked, “What have your players been focusing on in practice?” He replied “The focus this year is getting our pitchers more work. We want to hit the ground running and not have play catch up.”  The last question was about the seniors on the baseball team. “What expectations do you have for the seniors?” “Riley’s main focus this year is helping us off the mound. Being the only lefty on our pitching staff, hopefully, he can help us there. TK is a new guy but will have a huge roll on our team. He is the main middle midfielder and top of the lineup line in the batting order. Talon is coming off of an all-conference season in the outfield. We’re looking for him to stay solid in the outfield. For Bailey, he is my ‘do -it-all-guy’. He is our best defender in the outfield and probably our strongest hitter in the lineup. He is expected to be the best pitcher in our pitching staff and contribute to the number one starter role.”