What Would You Do If You Had a Magic Wand?

Avery Wilson, Writer

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What Would You Do If You Had a Magic Wand?

This week I went around the school and asked the question, “What would you do if you had a magic wand?” This question was inspired by the drama club’s upcoming performance of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Oops. In the play, Fairy Godmother’s wand gets snapped in half, letting the magic out. This causes chaos for the fairy tale characters who live there. Throughout the play, she has to do some pretty crazy spells to get everyone back to normal. So, I wanted the students to give me their thoughts on what they would do if they had a magic wand of their own. Here are what some of our students had to say.


Boy, Sophomore

“Honestly, probably a love spell. ”


Girl, Senior

“A spell that would make everyone be nice to one and other.”


Boy, Senior

“Ether a spell that would make me the strongest man in the world or one that would give me power over everyone.”


Girl, Sophomore

“ I would probably just use a spell from Harry Potter like wingardium leviosa or expecto patronum.”


Boy, Junior

“ I would do a spell to control time.”


Girl, Senior

“Physical feature enhancing spell.”


Boy, Senior

“A spell to give me infinite power over the world.”


Girl, Freshman

“I have two spells. First, I would freeze time around me and just make my way around all the frozen people. Second, I would cast a spell on my test papers that would highlight the right answers.”


Boy, Freshman

“My first spell would be to always be healthy and never sick.”


Girl, Junior

“ To turn back time. I would try to prevent bad things from happening to other people.”