Ashton Goode, Sports Editor

On Sunday the final four NCAA men’s basketball teams were determined. Virginia is the only number one seeded team to make it to the final four. Duke was close to not making it to the sweet sixteen and lucky to have made it to the elite eight. On Sunday Duke was finally defeated by Michigan State sixty- eight to sixty- seven.

The big ten teams were showing what they had this year. They fought for every win and deserved every win they got. There were eight big ten teams in the NCAA tournament including Michigan State, Purdue, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. Purdue got defeated in the elite eight in overtime against Virginia eighty to seventy-five. Carson Edwards was playing well the whole game except for the last pass of the game that could have won them the game. Some people wonder why he didn’t just shoot it. Free throws can also make or break who wins the game. Virginia was eight for eight on free throws whereas Purdue was seventeen for twenty-three. This also shows how aggressive Purdue was and their drive to score. Now, Michigan State is moving onto the final four. They stopped, who seemed to be unbeatable, Duke. This was a somewhat low scoring game, and turnovers for Duke affected the outcome. Michigan State only had seven turnovers, and Duke had seventeen.

The final teams competing on Saturday are number five Auburn against the only number one seed left, Virginia. After that game, it’s number three Texas Tech against number two Michigan State. I believe that the championship game on Monday will be between Michigan State and Virginia.