Tales From the City That Never Sleeps

Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

Grand Central Station

There are many things to marvel at when you enter the stunning Grand Central Station, but I will be talking about my two favorites. The ceiling in Grand Central Station is a pale and distressed blue with an image of Johann Bayer’s 1603 star atlas Uranometria for the design of the constellations. The ceiling design is also printed backwards and no one noticed until after two months of the Terminal being opened. At the time it first opened, the owners we very proud because it was one of the first place in New York to have electricity.  

The whisper corners or whispering gallery in Grand Central Station is not your normal everyday attraction. When you go under the main floor to stand and wait on your platform, you will pass underneath a section of tile ceiling that tapers off as it reaches the floor. There are four corners and if you stand in those corners Blair Witch style and speak, the other person in the corner across from you can hear you and you can hear them.

If you live in New York you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night, go to the fridge, and eat eat cookie dough from a tube while you are in your underwear. No, no, no if you live in New York you can actually get dressed, go out, and eat overpriced cookie dough from a cup or cone. Yes, that’s right, hidden away in the city that never sleeps there is a lovely establishment called DŌ. They have your original favorites like chocolate chip and snickerdoodle. They also have some more interesting flavors like dunka doo and nuts for nuts. It was delicious and a must try if you can eat 1, 2, 3 scoops of raw cookie dough.


Coney Island

Want an excuse to visit little old Brooklyn? Sink your feetsies into the wet sands of Coney Island. We got amusement park rides, graffiti, and some sand. Did I mention sand? You like hot dogs? We’ve got some. Nathan’s Famous will fill you up with hot dogs. You’ll have enough hotdogs to bring back to your family back home. Take some sand back too. There’s even an ocean, but you can’t have that. It’s ours, silly. Like gift shops? Treat yourself and go buy a shirt with a hotdog on it. Hot dogs are kind of our thing. Not all of our rides work, but we will work. To serve you delicious hot dogs.


Ghost Tour

Ghosts are just like people. They’re dead people, but they’re people nonetheless. What does every living person need? Exactly, a house. We toured some of the hottest real estate options for ghosts in Greenwich Village, New York. Our tour guide was so excited to see us that his left eye was bloodshot. He introduced us to a handful of haunted hangouts including Edgar Allan Poe’s house and the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire. The night was already cold, so couldn’t feel the presence of any spirits, but our tour guide Mike let our group pee behind a cluster of trees in a park, so it was all worth it.


Empire State Building

Standing on the 102nd-floor observatory, we had an incredible view of the city. The Empire State Building was once the highest skyscraper in the world and still is an important building of the New York skyline.


Broadway Show “Pretty Woman”  

One of the highlights of our trip was the Broadway show “Pretty Woman”. Some students have never watched the movie before—which I can’t understand because it’s one of the best movies—so the story was new for them. It is about a hooker and a businessman who fall in love after spending a whole week together. The question is, will they will stay together despite their different lifestyles? The play is pretty similar to the movie with just a few differences, but nothing significant. The actors did a great job and were perfect for the roles.