Lost and Found: Book Review


Avery Wilson, Writer

About The Author

Katrina Leno is an author from Connecticut and was first published at the young age of sixteen years old. She was first published in the Connecticut Review and holds an MFA in creative writing. She has written other young adult novels such as Summer of Salt, The Half Life of Molly Pierce, Everything All at Once, You Must Not Miss, and; the book we will be reviewing today, The Lost & Found.

About The Book

This book is about about two teenagers who tend to lose things. The girl is named Frances. She has lived with her grandparents ever since her mother was thrown into an insane asylum. Frances is unaware that her mother has lived in that place because she hasn’t seen her mother since she was very young. After learning about her mother’s passing, and that her grandparents have been hiding the letters her mother had written to her over the years, Frances becomes furious. To calm her nerves she talks to her friend Louis in a chat room for teens who have been through some horrific events. Louis is our second main character in this story. When Louis was young he climbed onto the fire escape with his twin sister, Willa. Willa lost her balance and hit the pavement, breaking both her legs. While they were at the hospital the doctor told their parents that they would have to remove both her legs right below the knee. In the letters Frances mother wrote to her, she tells her that her real father is a country singer by the name of Wallace Green. She decides to go on a trip with her cousin; Arrow, to visit this man and find out if her mother was telling the truth.  Louis is also going on a trip to the same place to visit his dream collage in Austin, Texas. Will Francis ever find her “real” father? Will Louis finally find the courage to go to college? You’ll just have to see for yourself.