Duolingo: The Ins and Outs

William Leach, Co-Editor

Nowadays in most high schools across America, they require you to take at least 2 years of a foreign language to graduate. Southwestern teaches four languages; Spanish, German, English, and French. One way that students learn is through textbooks, flashcards, and their teachers. Another way to learn a foreign is through Duolingo, a free, online platform that helps people learn new languages every day. Here’s why Duolingo is an amazing, and free, language service that can help you with your classes.

Duolingo uses an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to track millions of users learning patterns to find out the best ways to teach. Features like this helps make learning a new language effortless and easy. This combined with the multiple awards and points you receive from simply doing your lessons make learning a foreign language more of game than a hassle.

As of January of 2019 Duolingo offers 85 language courses for 24 different languages. The app has nearly 300 million active users throughout the world and with that, it has support for a huge amount of languages. With services like interactive stories, podcasts, and step-by-step lessons it’s extremely beneficial.

I spoke with an avid duolingo user with over 32,000 experience point accumulated over two years. I asked him about his experiences with Duolingo.

“How long have you been using Duolingo?”

“Just around 2 years, i’ve really enjoyed using it”

“Is Duolingo a good alternative for an actual teacher.”

“It can help you with basics but learning with a teacher is necessary.”

“ What’s your favorite feature of Duolingo?”

“The stories sections. They teach you how to understand sentences better than the    

normal lessons”

“Do you think the inclusion of awards and points motivates you to study.”

“Yes, it makes me feel like I’m actually learning.”

Duolingo is an amazing service with tons of advantages and benefits that can help you master your second or even third language. I highly recommend.