How to Avoid Spoilers for Endgame

Kadin Miller, Writer

This Friday, April 26th, Avengers: Endgame will be released to critics and fans across the world. This long-awaited and very hyped movie has fans beyond excited to see it. With 21 films and 11 years of build-up, this movie will be a great conclusion to the series that the fans deserve. Clips from Endgame we’re recently leaked throughout Twitter and other similar social media platforms. This has led to the movie being ruined for some fans. In order to prevent this and ruining 11 YEARS of buildup, I would suggest following these tips

1. Avoid all comment sections

Any form of comment sections from Instagram to youtube has people spoiling the movie. In order to prevent this, I would suggest just completely ignore the comments. If you can not do this, apps do exist that can block certain keywords in comments.  I would suggest downloading one of these apps to avoid potential spoilers

2. Avoid all hashtags that could contain potential spoilers.

Hashtags are an item people use so that their post will pop if you look up that specific keyword. This has led to a lot of people using hashtags relating to Endgame to post clips that have been leaked. Because of this avoid all hashtags such as #DontSpoilEndGame and #AvengeTheFallen or #ThanosDemandsYourSilence

3. Avoid meme pages and internet trolls

A lot of meme pages have been posting memes that could potentially spoil EndGame. Because of this, I would suggest avoiding meme pages that like to troll their viewers. Although you can always simply stay off of social