What Will Seniors Miss After Graduation?

Avery Wilson, Writer

It’s crazy to think that in a few short weeks the class of 2019 will be taking their last steps here at Southwestern. I know we are all excited to move on to this next chapter in our lives, but I think we can all agree it’s going to be a little hard to do. I thought I would go around and ask members of the senior class what they are going to miss about high school.


“My friends and my favorite teachers.”

“I’m going to miss seeing all the fun stuff that happens at lunch.”

“High school makes it easier to stay in contact with and routinely see old friends.”

“Mornings in the band room”

“I’m gonna miss being able to know everyone. In college, it’s a whole new thing.”

“The opportunity to talk to people 5 days a week.”

“Making jokes in the hallway.”

Having class with my girlfriend every day.”

“Board Game night!”

“That feeling of excitement you get on the last day of school.”

“Having dances.”

“Getting books from the library.”

“Mr. Owens…Mr. Means…Mr. Johnson…Mrs. Cornelius.”

“Back to school shopping.”

“Being on the track team with my friends.”

“Basketball games and pep rallies.”

“Ten minute reading time.”

“Getting to watch movies in class.”

“Cheering for our school.”

“Knowing that I’m going to see all my friends in August.”