Senior Calendar

Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

The end of the year is a busy time for students, especially for seniors. Here’s a list of important events between now and graduation to keep Southwestern’s seniors on track.

Senior Skip Day: Monday, April 29

It is a tradition for seniors to all skip one day of school together before the end of the year. However, this absence will count against any senior who decides not to attend school that day, so make sure that you have room for an unexcused absence.

Memorial Day: Monday, May 27

No school will be held this day. Enjoy!

Senior Field Trip Day: Thursday, May 30

On this day, seniors will go on a field trip to Louisville, Kentucky, to visit the Main Event and House of Boom centers as well as Jeff’s Bakery. In order to attend, seniors must pay $20 to Mrs. Cornelius by May 6 (lunch is included). Students must have a permission slip and waiver signed by their parents in order to attend. Students who are eighteen can fill out their own waiver, but their parents must still fill out the permission slip.

Final Exams: May 24-29

Be sure to attend school on these days. Final exams are worth a large chunk of your overall grade.

Senior Day: Friday, May 31

This is the last day that seniors will experience at Southwestern High School. This day includes the senior breakfast, awards ceremony, practice graduation, then finally the actual graduation. Students must meet all graduation requirements and attend practice ceremony. This is a formal ceremony, so female students must wear a skirt or dress, and male students must wear dress pants, a collared shirt, and a tie. If you are unable to find the proper attire, contact Mr. Frye and Mrs. Cornelius by May 17 for assistance. See the following itinerary for more information.

Breakfast (7:00-8:30)

Awards (8:45-10:30)

Practice: (10:30-12:00)

Graduation (7pm, doors open at 6pm)