The Best Promposals

Julia Kaiser, Writer

For me as foreigner, prom and prom proposals are something totally new for me. We don’t have a prom at my school and we don’t really have school dances. So I thought I will look up funny and romantic ways people were asked to prom.

This Chicago Blackhawks fan used the players’ name to ask his would-be date. Let’s just hope that she wasn’t a Detroit Red Wings fan.   

Using your sports as promposal is always a good idea.

We also had some cute promposals at Southwestern this year.


Many students think promposals are a cute and creative way to ask for a prom date and are a must-have. The more creative and personal they are, the better.

The first time a newspaper mentioned promposals was in 2001. Usual in this time, students asked each other out over the loudspeaker. It became more popular over the years and became a big part through facebook, twitter, and youtube.