Rosie Reader Party

Avery Wilson, Writer

This year Rosie Read contest had 60 to 65 participants but only 16 students qualify for the Rosie Reader party. The top reader this year is freshman, Elizabeth Gray. Mrs. Northern said that she was a little surprised about how many teachers qualified for the party as well. This year a total of 15 teachers qualify for the Rosie Reader party. The top readers for the teacher were Mrs. Skvara, Mrs. McCane, And Dr. Hollis. Mrs. Northern is very excited for the party this year because, since there were only 16 students that qualified those students will be able to play more games. One of the games students can expect this year is picking a free mystery book. This game is extra special this year because it may be the last year Mrs. Northern gets to give out free books. So those who qualify are in for a real treat. Mrs. Northern said her favorite book this year on the Rosie Reader list was Serpent King, she says it’s not really a warm fuzzy book but it is a good read. If there is a student looking for a more fun book to read she recommends Sweet. The Rosie Reader party will be held in the Library on May 17th.