Earth Day 2019

William Leach, Co-Editor

Like every year, Earth Day has come and gone and this year’s event had a much bigger stand than others. Social media has brought us closer together to show us the harm we’ve done to the Earth. With a suspected 1 billion people over 192 countries, this year’s turnout was monumental compared to the first official Earth Day in 1970. A big focus of this year’s Earth day was its slogan, “Protect our species.”

Earth Day was started by Senator Nelson due to his disturbance with how we treat the environment. The Senator officially started the first Earth Day in 1970 with an estimated 20 million people participating. The whole day was filled with nationwide festivities. It’s been nearly half a decade since Earth Day took place and that same strive to save the environment is still here today.

One thing that’s really helped spread the awareness of Earth Day is social media. A company called Tentree posted a picture on their Instagram during Earth Day. The picture was of a tiny tree with big bold letters saying, “Double Tap To Plant A Tree.” The companies picture has become the 5th most liked photo on Instagram with over 14.5 million likes. Other big influencers throughout social media have been bringing awareness to Earth and how important the future of our planet is.

Earth Day is a pop culture phenomenon. People come together every year for their love of the planet and conserving the Earth. This years event was no different with nearly a billion participants. Every year we do more and more for the planet and next year we should all do more.