2019 Spring Band Concert

Hugh Smith, Writer

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On May 17th, the sixth grade, seventh and eighth grade, high school, percussion ensemble, and the after-school concert band will all be performing in the gym for the annual Spring Concert. Also happening on that day will be the Spring Awards Dinner for people that have put much effort into this year.

The band teacher, Amanda Brown, has said that she hopes for the band to have a great performance and to take the time to honor the students that have shown great support during the year. She wants the entire group to have a great time and show the audience how much they have improved. For next year, she wants to have an increase in numbers for the program, build a better repertoire for the middle school, and continue the ISSMA festivals.

One of the band students, Hunter Hadley, has added that he hopes the band this year will have the same amounts of confidence and energy to perform at the concert. He has said that he wants everyone to have fun while doing it, especially the seniors since this will be their last time performing in the school. Hunter also recommends that students performing that are relatively new to concerts should not stress out and be confident about it. He has also claimed that past concerts have been better in the sense that more students were in the band, but it still performs well today.

Ethan Boldrey, another student in the band, has said that he wants the band to show everyone how they have improved ever since the Winter Concert and offer inspiration for people to join the band program. His advice for people performing is for them to pretend that it is a regular rehearsal in order to stay calm if something goes wrong. Ethan declared that he thinks everything went well last year but most people have improved since then. For next year, he wants to make sure that more people will be in the program because of the Spring Concert.

Overall, the band class has improved ever since the last concert, and hopefully they will be able to perform well to represent themselves and the program.