Why Vaccinations are so Important

William Leach, Co-Editor

Ever since the first vaccine was invented in 1796 we humans have been making these vaccines regulatory. It’s helped eradicate smallpox and nearly eradicated measles. In the last few years, the public eye has slowly started to shift towards anti-vax. Less and fewer people are vaccinating their children. This change has caused the return of measles in the US with nearly 200 cases. The fact is, vaccines are necessary for you and your children no matter the situation.

One of peoples biggest concerns was that vaccination causes autism or other mental disorders. The myth that vaccines are connected to autism is ridiculous. This myth began in the late 90s’ with a paper published by Andrew Wakefield a gastroenterologist turned anti-vax activist. His study claimed that the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine was related to Autism in children. His study only included 12 participants it had no control group and it was considered a flawed and biased study overall. His “findings” have left superstitions of vaccines ever since.

States have been taking a stand against anti-vaccination for a number of years now. Although most states allow you to miss shots for medical or religious reasons, recently they’ve been denying unvaccinated students schooling. They require you to have your vaccinations. In New York, measles cases are rising and they’ve started to put this requirement to stop people from not vaccinating their kids. This is a good step towards vaccinations.

Recently we’ve seen another big problem and that’s mothers not giving infants the necessary vaccines so their immune systems are lower. The CDC has reported that 20% of infants are missing crucial vaccines. These diseases that we think are eradicated are still around and things such as polio are fatal to infants and the elderly. The lack of vaccination and therefore the lack of immunization make the disease much easier to spread and grow. After measles was eradicated from the US in the early 2000s’ we thought that was the end of it, but now with over 200 cases, it could begin to spread again. We can’t let this happen again and our best defense is vaccinations.

What I want to bring to light is the fact that you should vaccinate your children or future children. The only way they’ll be safe and immune from these diseases is by getting vaccinated. There’s no link to vaccinations and autism, there are huge health benefits from it as well. More and more people are against vaccines but states are putting in regulations to make it harder to resist. We don’t want these diseases of the past to come back and the only way we can do that is through vaccines and getting educated about vaccines.