Preparing for Finals

Avery Wilson, Writer

Finals are coming up and that means it’s time to start studying, but for some people studying can be pretty hard. Many people have a hard time focusing or processing the subject they need to study for. I’m going to be sharing with you some helpful studying tips and preparations.

Study Guides

A lot of teachers give out helpful study guides, but that’s usually the only study guide people use. Try creating your own study guide as well. Writing it down can help you memorize it and putting it in your own words will help you better understand the subject.

Go To Bed On Time

Sleep is key when it comes to staying focused. You don’t want to fall asleep during a lesson and you certainly don’t want to fall asleep during the final.

Ask, Ask, Ask

No matter what it is always ask your teacher questions when you don’t understand something. I understand if you are embarrassed to ask questions. Asking for help is something I have struggled it too, but that is what teachers are here for. If you are too scared to ask in front of the class then stay after class and ask your teacher then.

Schedule Your Study Time

Schedule what subject you were going to study and how long you will study it for. If you do this you won’t be cramming three different subjects into your head at once. This way you can focus on one thing and stay relaxed.

Study For The Type Of Exam

If you know your test will be multiple choice study definitions. If it’s fill-in then read up on your subject and make sure you understand it enough to write about it.