Prom 2019 a Great Success

Brendan Courter, Co-Editor

A lot can happen in three hours, especially on prom night. There’s much to remember, so here’s a recap of all that happened Saturday night.

Let us begin with the most popular and suspenseful moment of prom, the election of prom king, queen, prince, and princess. Abrianna Johnson and Bradley Winston claimed the royal throne and became king and queen, and Maddie Jacobs and Lane Coles stole the lower crowns by becoming prince and princess.

Now that that matter has been cleared up, allow me to discuss a more important matter: the food. The buffet was smashing, absolutely smashing. A beauteous array of fried chicken decorated the table. A pleasant aroma of watermelon and cantaloupe emanated from the the walls. A delicate cascade of chocolate flowed over the gutters of a chocolate fountain. There were even some mini sandwiches. The food gets a solid ten out of ten.

How much did it cost to enjoy this superb event? Twenty glorious American dollars. An excellent price. I would gladly fork over twice the price just to attend another three-hour dance. What did I get out of that cash? Well, I got a gift bag. Noice. A “2019 Prom” picture frame with a picture of squidward tentacles and a plastic cup now decorate my room. I also won some starbursts from a raffle, which I gladly distributed to my fellow prom goers.

There was lots of dancing at prom, as you would expect. I heard the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle. Sadly, the chicken dance didn’t make it into the playlist, but Africa by Toto was played, so it all balances out. Can we mention the Senior Song? The juniors were kicked off the dance floor, and the seniors crooned the lyrics of Country Roads.

There was even a hypnotist for after prom. We may not to have gotten to play laser tag after prom like it was originally planned, but what we ended up with was way better. What’s better is that the hypnotist was putting people to sleep, so students got to enjoy the lovely entertainment and catch up on lost sleep. Overall, the night was a blast.