Drivers Education

William Leach, Co-Editor

As we get older, we naturally get more and more responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is learning how to drive. Most commonly people start learning how to drive around their freshman or sophomore year. You can usually go through the school and take their drivers ed program. With this program, you learn the necessary steps into becoming a safe driver. For some, driving comes naturally but for others, it’s a struggle they have to overcome. I want to provide you with some ways to become a better driver and how to do your best during the program.

Driving requires your full attention at all times. That’s something you have to understand when you’re behind the wheel. You always want to focus on yourself and the other people around you. You want to always be alert and be able to get yourself out of a bad situation. A good sign of a skilled driver is keeping your eyes on the road at all times. This also included eliminating the use of cellphones and other distractions while driving. Driving accidents caused by distracted drivers killed an upward of 1.6 million people annually according to the CDC.

Another way to get through drivers ed is to study, study, study! Like most regular school subjects, drivers ed has a textbook. You’ll want to know that textbook from front to back in order to get the best results. You can always test out your knowledge of driving through practice tests online. They provide tons of these online tests to see your skills. It’s always good to study and that’s probably the best advice I can give.

Driving on your own time with a trusted adult or guardian in the vehicle is your best to learn how to handle a car. You’re required to drive over a time span of 50 hours when you have your learners permit. These 50 hours are important to your progression of driving. You should be documented by your trusted adult for every time you get into the vehicle. 50 hours seems likes a lot of time but while you have your drivers permit, it won’t seem like all that long.

We’re all getting older and it’s time we take this leap. Learning to drive as soon as possible is very important, it should be your top priority. Always make sure you study. Use online classes if necessary. You always want to give your full attention to driving and drivers ed. Being on the road is dangerous and you’ll want to give your full attention. With all of these tips I’ve given you, you can begin to become a safer and more educated driver.