Sword of Truth: Wizard’s First Rule book review 

Druce Chandler, Writer

 About the author:

Terry Goodkind is an author from Ohama, Nebraska who wrote a series of novels known as The Sword of Truth. One thing he managed to do was sell twenty-five million copies of the series worldwide and translate it into 20 languages. There were also other things he did before writing all of the Sword of Truth novels such as wildlife art, cabinet maker, and worked on restoring rare and exotic artifacts around the world. On the other hand, Goodkind has won four awards for his novels: one Locus award for Best Fantasy Novel, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fantasy, another Locus Award for Best First Novel, and Prometheus Award for Best Novel. Lastly, there is also a total amount of novels in the main series that is up to fifteen to read, as it is best to start with the first one.  

The start of the novel Wizard’s First Rule:

First, it all begins with the brutal murder of Richard Cypher’s father as his brother has informed him. However, a few days after hearing about the murder, Richard witnesses a mysterious woman on Blunt Cliff who is being followed and she doesn’t even know it.  He comes to her aid. Next, he somehow manages to kill the quad and saves the revealed woman, Kahlan Amnell, from her death by the hands of evil sent by a cruel man. As a result, they both flee the cliff while covering their tracks so as not to be seen. Despite what happened on the cliff, they go to see Michael Cypher, Richard’s older brother, for his celebration of becoming the First Counselor of Hartland. They both arrive to witness his speech over what his plan is for being First Counselor. Afterwards, Michael decides to stride over to Richard and Kahlan’s to chat with his younger brother over past experiences of their parent’s death. Then, he decides to put his hands on Kahlan to make her uncomfortable. Of course it pushed them both to the limit to the point where they both left and went towards an old friend’s to stay and sleep. Therefore, if Kahlan and Richard are to reach their destination, it will be a long journey as questions will be popping up left and right. In order to find out what happens next, check out the book for yourself.

Thoughts, Opinions, Reviews :                                                        

In my opinion, Terry Goodkind is a person to be praised for his work because he has now been working on novels for twenty-five years and is still doing it today. Another reason to read the book is that it starts to build as the reader tries to figure out who was behind the murder of Richard’s father, who sent the quad and who is the person Richard and Kahlan are meeting. Another reason to read the book is that it has quotes that mean a considerable amount to modern society now and the quote is, “People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe anything.”. Plus, it feels as if you could be there in Richard’s place adventuring around the world to other places. Generally speaking, if you’re one for any fantasy book try to find a book that is the best fit for you. Overall, don’t forget, “Your life is yours and yours alone. Rise up and live it.”-Terry Goodkind.