Star Wars Battlefront: Review


Hunter Hadley, Writer

     In 2005, Pandemic Studios developed their sequel to the first Battlefront game, and boy, did it impress. It was the game that included countless references to the films including the Death Star laser room, Echo base on Hoth, and Geonosis. It does have a short campaign telling the story from the perspective of a clone trooper in the 501st Legion. The campaign goes on about their role in the Clone Wars and their role in the Empire. It does detail some of the horrors they experienced which added a perspective on things. What was really cool about the campaign was also the fact that you could play with heroes such as Obi-Wan Kenobi or villains such as Darth Vader. There were a few cool parts like taking part in Order 66 or being on the empire’s side during the battle aboard the Tantive IV. Let’s get in gear and talk about Star Wars Battlefront ll.  

     Another area Battlefront 2 really improved in was Galactic conquest where you choose a faction and go take over the galaxy. You could spend many hours playing this mode alone because of how immersive it is. Another thing that was awesome was the references to the films and how faithful they were to them. The thing I really enjoyed was the soundtrack because you get that feeling you’re taking part in these battles and that overall is awesome. The bonuses like enhanced blasters, extra bacta, and auto-turrets add a layer of chaos to what is going on in the game. 

     Another great thing it added was the space battles,  which were so fun. There were quite a few options on how you could attack like attacking from the outside, or going in and destroying the ship from the inside or even defending your own ship. The only gripe I have on the space battles is how repetitive it can get after a few times even if you mix your tactics. 

     A really cool thing I personally liked to tinker with was the hero battle mode. I really enjoyed recreating all the duels from the films. This mode was an absolute blast when played with a friend. While the game was a masterpiece, it did have its fair share of problems. One of the big issues was the frame rate when you aim. The frame rate would slow down or some of the maps were too dark even when the brightness setting was all the way up. Overall, I’d say this game was a masterpiece and a love letter to Star Wars fans everywhere. I’d highly recommend picking this up especially on PC. One thing I truly wish I could’ve experienced was the online aspect of it because that would have been crazy fun.