Our Neighbors up North


Riley Lunsford, Writer

Trump hears a remark about his Greenland deal  and cancels his trip to Denmark

     On Tuesday, August 20th, Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called Trump’s idea of buying Greenland absurd. This comment turned Trump off to the whole meeting in Denmark, which had been scheduled for September 2-3. The prime minister allegedly said that the Island was not for sale. Trump allegedly never even offered to buy Greenland but had only mentioned it in a meeting. 


     The country of Greenland consists of about 56,000 residents and is 2 million square kilometers in all. Greenland takes about 700 million dollars from Denmark each year to cover its own debts. They are also very independent, they even have there owned culture that consists of their own language completely separate from the Danish mainland’s language. Trump believes that this is “a great real estate deal” and will help Greenland with its debts.  Many Greenlanders are very angry and feel that this was an insult to them. The Danish Prime Minister even went out and said that the idea of selling the country is “absurd”

Trump’s side of the story

     Many people think that Trump is crazy for proposing this deal when the country is not even up for sale. This deal could seem out of this world to many people and seeing this proposal at face value makes it look horrible. But If you look into Greenland’s resources, it might be more reasonable. Greenland is filled with untapped gas, uranium, gold, and diamonds; and it is all there for the taking. People think that this idea is random and that this approach has never been tried before, but in 1941 president Truman offered $100 million dollars in gold for this part of the Danish kingdom. Of course, that didn’t happen and that is the likely outcome of this deal.

Greenland’s side of the story

     Many people thought that this was a joke when the President first mentioned it, but the residents of Greenland did not think it was very funny. They thought that this was a spit in the face of their culture, and they just kind of laughed at Trump for the offer. Their defense was that they are still humans and they are a working civilization that can’t be sold. The Prime Minister said that we are over the age of selling countries and civilizations, which is true. Greenland is not too happy that Trump would say these things.

Closing statement

     This is probably not the end to Trump’s unique idea, but you gotta give the man some credit for trying. If this deal went through we would inherit $700 million dollars of annual debt from Greenland. We would also have to probably break some bonds with Denmark which are some of our allies. Just remember the positive side is more resources if this deal does go through. Maybe someday soon we could become a lot bigger nation, and be more powerful. There is still a lot that would have to happen to make this actually work, but who knows, our future generations might have to memorize the 51 States of America.