Social Media Mania

Lacie Carter, Writer

     Do you know what the problem is in this world? People are on Facebook too much!  People spend too much time on Facebook and don’t spend enough time in the real world. If Facebook,  even phones were never invented, maybe people wouldn’t be doing horrible things such as drugs, stealing, and other things. Facebook also has a lot of bullying involved and makes people depressed. Facebook should be removed, it just causes too much drama and depression. I feel like we should delete our  Facebook app for good and never have it again.

     Facebook is not worth doing all the time. You should focus on family and spending more time with them. People on average spend upward of 41 minutes a day on Facebook, then more. It is a good way to make friends, It is also very dangerous because you could meet people you don’t even know and it could get you kidnapped, or even killed. People should also watch what they post because if it is personal, don’t post it. Keep it to yourself. Most people don’t want their personal business out there on someone’s timeline. 

     Is facebook all bad? No, Facebook is not all bad. You can contact family who doesn’t live around you and friends who don’t live near you anymore. Also, you can post about how fun your day with your family, friends or even about school. I get on facebook about 30 min a day or not even that. Overall Facebook is not all that bad.

     That is my opinion on Facebook, and I hope people can agree with this because this is very important stuff to know. Plus you have got to be careful what you say, do, or even post. Who knows what impact it could have? on there.