Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Powell


Mary Schafer and William Leach

The Teacher Spotlight is a new series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of some of our favorite teachers. Each week, our class picks teachers that they believe best fit the requirements of A Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Powell is the Agriculture Teacher at Southwestern. He is the FFA advisor for our school. Mr. Powell has been teaching at Southwestern for just over 4 years. The classes he teachers include; Agribusiness, plant and soils, animal science, agriculture mechanics, intro to agriculture, and landscape. We asked Mr. Powell a few questions so our students could better get to know him.

What are some of your hobbies?

“Some of my hobbies are fishing and traveling. I’ve always loved those things.” 


What did you do over this summer?   

“I traveled up to Canada and did some fishing. I also took some students to Purdue for the state convention, it lasted for a couple of nights. I also went to the county fair.”


What is your favorite food?

“My favorite food has to be pizza.”


What made you want to become a teacher?

It is enjoyable is because I like to teach kids. My father was a big influence on me as well.