Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Owens


Mary Schafer and William Leach

The Teacher Spotlight is a new series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of some of our favorite teachers. Each week, our class picks teachers that they believe best fit the requirements of A Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Owens, Southwestern’s previous social studies teacher, is our new principal. Towards the end of the last school year, he applied for the principal’s position. He’s shaking up how we do things here at Southwestern. He wants to recognize the great things Southwestern students do and provide better communication for teachers. Recently, I sat down with Mr. Owens to see what his goals are for the school and how he plans to change Southwestern for the better.


How do you empower teachers to be leaders? 

“I want to empower our teachers to be themselves in and out of class, I want to empower them to be themselves in and out of school. I also want to empower teachers to be able to teach kids through the school. I want to empower teachers to be able to help kids in need of help on homework.”


How will you build leadership in Southwestern? 

“By encouraging students to be in school activities like in-band or FFA. I want leadership spread to other activities that are in class or activities that in and out of school.”


What do you want graduates to know after leaving high school?

“I think that they need to know what they want to do after high school, even if they want to go into the military for college or go into the workforce after high school.”


What advice you would give a teacher in need of improvement? 

“My advice would be not to be afraid to ask for help from another teacher or someone else. Know that it’s okay to try new things.”


What are some ways that you want to connect with your school community?

“I want to connect with students in the school. I want to connect with students through school activities like band or FFA and other programs.”