Volleyball Season off to a Great Start

Aleana Meador, Sports Editor

Volleyball is a big sport at Southwestern. Head coach Chris Johnson answered some questions about the season so far. The volleyball team is currently 7-6 midway through their season. Coach Johnson said “I am happy with how we have played so far this season.  We are a very young team this year so we are still learning and growing into a cohesive team.  It will take some time but so far so good.”  


In terms of communication, Coach Johnson said,Communication is super important in volleyball.  I would say we do a pretty good job of communicating but I am always trying to increase our communication.”  He went on to say that he is proud of our program’s focus on fundamental skills. “I think our program from our 6th-grade teams to our varsity team always tries to focus on fundamental volleyball first to make sure all of our players learn everything they can about the sport.  I’m proud of this high school group of players for their work ethic and positive attitudes. We strive to work hard every day and to maintain a positive culture every day,” explained the coach 


Every team has skills they’re working on, and Coach Johnson said, “ We are always working to improve serving, passing, hitting, setting, and blocking: our fundamental skills.  Right now we are also focusing on aggressiveness on offense and improved consistency and communication on defense.”  On the volleyball team is one senior:Kiah Fink; three juniors:Hayley Fresh, Autumn Harmon, Abby Fulton; seven sophomores: Chloe Adcock, Haley Brown, Kylie Eccles, Elle Ford, Meaghan Kramer, Marissa Naylor, Ashleigh Ream; and ten freshmen:Aleea Crumley, Amberly Gosman, Autumn Gross, Syrenia Hardy, Klara Leach, Emma Long, Parker Mefford, Kaitlyn Meredith, Gracie Skirvin, and Zoie Watson. 


The volleyball players are not allowed to use their phones on the bus, because according to Coach Johnson, “Cell phones and social media create distractions and promote isolation in my opinion.  Young adults, on average, have poor social skills these days and do not interact enough with other people to create meaningful relationships with others. The connection of real meaningful relationships between people can help create bonds that strengthen a team.  Those bonds can actually lead to better play and a greater sense of team. I see it as my job as their coach to help facilitate those relationships in any way I can. Removing cell phones as a distraction is one of many tools my coaching staff uses to do this.” 


 The volleyball team’s annual Dig Pink match is quickly approaching on September 24th. Dig Pink is when the volleyball team helps to raise money for breast cancer research to help scientists find a cure for this terrible disease.  This year will be their 11th match that we have held and collectively the program has raised just shy of $20,000 for the Dig Pink Foundation. They should easily eclipse $20,000 this season. Coach Johnson stated, “We encourage everyone to come out and help support this great cause this season!”