Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Nussbaum


Mary Schafer, Writer

The Teacher Spotlight is a new series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of some of our favorite teachers. Each week, our class picks teachers that they believe best fit the requirements of A Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Nussbaum is a high school teacher here at Southwestern. She teaches classes such as; Child Development, Adult Roles And Responsibilities, Preparing for College and Careers, Interpersonal Relationships, and Work-Based Learning. Mr. Nussbaum, her husband, also works as one of our P.E teachers. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Nussbaum also coaches cross country and loves to run. I asked Mrs. Nussbaum some questions to better get to know her and her goals for the school year.


What do you like about teaching? 

“I like getting to know more about students and new teachers and other people that are in school. I love to help others that needed help.”


What could a visitor come to your classroom and expect to see?

“ When a visitor comes they could expect to see organized chaos, trying to make my lessons easier for my students to understand.”


What is your favorite subject to teach?

“The Nutrients and Wellness and child development class are my favorite because of the content and the fun labs and activities that I am able to do within the classes.”


What are five adjectives that describe you? 

“Kind, bubbly, happy, talkative, excited “