Back to The Future’s Influence on Today

Christian Courtney and William Leach

     Robert Zemeckis’ Back to The Future, released on July 3rd, 1985, is one of the most well-known movies of our time. The movie stars Micheal J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Llyod as Doctor Emmet Brown. The two main leads embark on an adventure 30’s years in the past to save Marty’s future. Along the way, Marty meets his high school parents and experiences life trapped in the 1950s. This film was released nearly 35 years ago and the question has to be asked, does it still hold up today against new summer blockbusters?

     Directors make or break films and Robert Zemeckis makes this film the masterpiece that it is. The clever yet subtle use of CGI throughout makes for a believable world where time-traveling Deloreans are possible. These films used similar techniques to the Star Wars films in how they shot and composed many scenes. Every shot has so much thought into it, it set the bar at the time for filmmaking.

     The influence of the Back to the  Future trilogy has made things like the already well known DMC Delorean an iconic vehicle. This movie, along with others at the time, has made time travel a huge thing in pop culture. The use of time travel through the Delorean made it something to desire. Seeing your past and future had never seemed so inviting. This, along with the catchy music and questionable fashion choices, made this movie an instant classic.

     In conclusion, Back to The Future is a one of a kind movie. The things this movie achieves are amazing for the time and limitations it was given. Robert Zemeckis’ stunning directing made a movie that has been unable to escape our minds ever since its release. It’s a pop culture icon and one you should definitely check out, even though it’s nearly 35 years old.