Teacher Shortage

William Leach, Editor

     More and more schools across the U.S. are dealing with teacher shortages. The 2018-2019 annual teacher shortage is reaching 110,000 and our school, Southwestern Middle and High School, is feeling the lasting effects. Kaytlin recently conducted an interview with Principal Owens and asked him for his opinion on this whole situation and what it’s like to be the new Principal. Her questions were extremely extensive. 

“What do you think about the teacher shortage.” 

 I think that it’s very real, and it hurts our ability to hire educators.” 

“What are the substitutes teacher if there is no real teacher teaching that class.” 

“They don’t have substitutes anymore the last day for substitutes is Friday, but if it’s for a longer period of time they try to follow state.”

When will the replacements come to the administration?

“They have filled the engineering industrial arts position on August 21, 2019. Monday they are getting a licensed teacher to teach French. Foreign language teachers are very hard to find if you need one.” 

Has this school year has been more stressful than others?

It’s my first year of being Principal, the office had been very stressed out and chaotic. In the actual classrooms, it’s business as normal. I can’t wait for a thrilling school year.”

To finish this interview up, how do you feel about being the principal? 

“It’s a great challenge, and I’m looking forward to it.  I love working with students and interacting with them. All around there are schools that have these problems, but it will eventually get fixed and we can continue to become better as an administration.”