Top Five Country Songs

Lacie Carter, Writer

I’m reviewing the top five country songs, so let’s count them down!

Number 1: “I Don’t Know About You”

This song is by Chris Lane and is his #1 hit. It is asking, “Have you had your first kiss?” and things like that. This song is also telling people to never hold back what your feeling say, how your feeling, and how you want to express yourself more. Chris Lane was born on November 9, 1984 and he is 34 years old. He met his partner, Lauren Bushnell, in 2019. Right now his popular song is “Big, Big Plans” and he wrote this song this year.


Number 2: “Tennessee Whiskey” 

Now I want to start off by saying I love Chris Stapleton! He has an amazing voice and songs. Chris Stapleton was born on April 15, 1978, and he is 41 years old. He married his wife Morgane Stapleton in 2007 and has 2 children with her. Their names are Macon Stapleton and Samuel Stapleton. He wrote the song “Tennessee Whiskey” in 2015 and it was his number one hit. In 2019 he wrote a song called “Blow” and it is one of his most popular songs this year.


Number 3: “Beer Never Broke My Heart” 

Luke Combs is an American country singer born on March 2, 1990, and he is 29 years old. Luke won awards for Best Country Artist at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2018. His top hit song right now is “Beautiful Crazy” which is a very meaningful song. This song is about a girl he is crazy over and tells her everything he loves about her. This song is very popular at school dances and pretty much anywhere you go because it is just a really good song and helps you feel the emotion he feels when listening to this song. I require you to listen to this song–its a very good song.


Number 4: “This Is It”

Scotty McCreery is an American country singer. He was actually on American Idol in 2011 and always made it to the next round. His song “This Is It” is actually a song about how he got to finally propose to his wife and get married and in the music video, it shows their wedding and shows how happy they are together. He married Gabi Dugal in 2018 of last year. He was born on October 9, 1993, and he is 25 years old. He does not have any children, and he sings and plays guitar. He has four labels which are Interscope, Mercury Nashville, 19 Triple Tigers, and Sony.


Number 5: “Gods Country” 

As you may know, Blake Shelton is an American country singer. He was born on June 18, 1976, and is 43 years old. He originally was married to the country singer Miranda Lambert but they ended up divorcing. He is now with pop star artist Gwen Stephani. His song “Gods Country” is trending big in 2019. I’ve never listened to the song because I don’t like Blake Shelton all that much. He sings plus plays the guitar. When Blake was 14 years old, his brother Richie died in a car crash in 1990.

So I hope you enjoy the top five country songs that are trending this year!