Sword of Truth: Stone of Tears Book Review

Druce Chandler , Writer

Sword of Truth: Stone of Tears Book Review

        About the Author: Terry Goodkind is an author from Ohama, Nebraska who in 1994 wrote a series of novels known as The Sword of Truth. The series is translated into 20 languages and 25 million copies have been sold worldwide. Sadly, way before Goodkind started to write The Sword of Truth, he suffered from dyslexia, a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading, and it would lead him to have no interest in school. However, there were also other things he did before writing all of the novels such as wildlife art, cabinet making, restoring rare and exotic artifacts around the world, and building violins. In addition, when he was building a house on Mount Desert Island which is off the coast of Maine, he officially began to write his first novel Wizard’s First Rule in 1994. Fun fact, the first book was sold to a group of three publishers for 275,000 dollars. Goodkind has won four awards for his novels: one Locus award for Best Fantasy Novel, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Fantasy, another Locus Award for Best First Novel, and Prometheus Award for Best Novel. In the conclusion of the Sword of Truth series, more novels have been made such as The Nicci Chronicles and The Law of Nines.    


Stone of Tears Summary

     In Stone of Tears, Richard Cypher now Richard Rahl, learns of his true heritage that his real father is Darken Rahl, while Zedd is his grandfather. However, Richard and Kahlan after defeating Darken Rahl with the Wizards First Rule in the People’s Palace in D’hara, (“People are stupid; given proper motivation, almost anyone will believe almost anything”) they take a dragon named Scarlet to the Mud People to arrange a marriage as they both are now citizens of the land. While there, both of them go inside a spirit house in which it is basically a way for the elders to communicate with the spirits beyond the Veil as it is torn a bit. Inside the place a tragic event occurs, as the spirit of Darken Rahl is released back into the world of living, he puts a burning hand print on Richards belly called a Keepers Mark. Denna a mord-sith who took control of his magic by the use of an agiel, her spirit came out and took the mark for him so he wouldn’t have to suffer from it. During this time period and before, Sister Verna (Verna Sauventreen), Sister Grace and Sister Elizabeth for twenty years were searching for Richard to take him into the Old World to the Palace of  Prophets, even though the Prelate knew where he was the whole time. What they were telling him was that if he was to control his gift he must wear a Rada’han and go with them or he could suffer death from the headaches, but he only had three chances to go with them. Of course Richard would go with them after being forced by Kahlan out of love to save him and Grace and Elizabeth killing themselves. Then, after putting a Rada’han on his neck he travels with sister Verna to the old world while Kahlan would go with three mud people back to her homeland of Aydindril.  



     By far out of all the books in the series, this is the longest book because of the page count as it is 979 pages and that the plot is in different places. In Stone of Tears, I feel that the plot is very intriguing because it starts to create a feeling of wonder. For example, Richard learns to control his gift or if Kahlan gets back to Aydindril safely. However, the major thing to be wary of in the novels from Stone of Tears to Warheart, is that they will always recap the events of what happened. What that means is that every time you start or get to a certain place in the story, it will create a recap of the events over the previous books. In addition to the page count and recaps, the novels will start off kind of slow and tedious, but when you read them, they start to get you hooked as each book introduces new characters and places.     

Ending Statement

     With the kickoff of the novels, it is interesting to also note that they each have a quote that means a lot for the real world  For instance, in the second book you get introduced to the Wizards Second Rule “The greatest harm can come from the best intentions,”. An example of this according to CharleneCarr.com who elaborated on the Wizards Second Rule, talks about that it may be kind to give a child candy, but if you continue giving it to them they may stop eating food that they actually need. Also, in the second novel, it will be a bit harder to decipher because you will read pages that imply something unexpected and that Richard has done things others cannot do. Lastly, by far if it comes to the Sword of Truth, it will be more and more interesting as it creates a long road of suspense and excitement, as you may never know where the road will take you.