Batman: Arkham City Review

Hunter Hadley, Writer

In 2011 Rocksteady Studios developed the sequel to their critically acclaimed game Arkham Asylum. The story takes place roughly six months after the events of Arkham Asylum. Mayor Sharp has allowed the super-prison Arkham City to be built to house all the criminals of Gotham. Many new villains make appearances such as Two-Face, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul, Hush, and many more. You actually start the main story off as Bruce Wayne and he has just been arrested by Hugo Strange and his TYGER operatives. You go get the Batsuit and save Catwoman from Two-Face’s group of thugs. You head after Joker and get poisoned and come to find out about the people of Gotham being poisoned as well. 

     You end up jumping through a lot of hoops and you get the cure, but the biggest twist of the story is when Joker ends up dying at the end of the game. Batman also loses the love of his life Talia Al Ghul, Ra’s daughter. This story was the most emotional out of all the Batman games. Batman ends up being a completely different person because of the events of Arkham City. The story doesn’t get repetitive but it does feel really short for a game that’s so big. My favorite part was when you fight Mr. Freeze because you had to actually adjust tactics instead of using the same one over and over. I really liked the aspect of the thugs talking because they strike up some interesting conversations in-game. My favorite one was the one about the back door in the courthouse. I found it funny because they freaked out about Batman leaving the court. 

     What sold this game for me was the idea of exploring Gotham. I felt like I was there even though it wasn’t downtown. This game took the idea of being Batman to a whole new level. It added more emotion than what we had seen so far. The Riddler makes his return and this time there are over 400 trophies and riddles to solve. This game stepped up in the side missions. Even though they weren’t exactly exciting, it was nice they give us more to do in the game. Another aspect of the game was the numerous Easter Eggs and references to the comics or events that had transpired in the Arkham-verse. 

     Furthermore, the DLC content was out of this world awesome because we got Harley Quinn’s Revenge where we got to play as Robin for the first time. We got Catwoman’s DLC missions during the main story and we could actually play as her in free roam. They gave us Nightwing for the challenge maps which was very awesome. Overall I think this game is the best Batman game out of the Arkham trilogy. I think this game expanded this series in many ways and it added a new depth to Batman’s character. I definitely recommend this game if anyone hasn’t played a Batman game because this game is a true masterpiece.