Florida Man Volume 4

Christian Courtney , Writer

   Florida Man Stories

Florida Man stories are bizarre stories that happen in the state of Florida. Florida has a lot of crazy people in it, which means we get crazy headlines. A lot of the stories that are out of Florida are from people that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Here’s a compilation of Florida Man Stories. 

My first story is from October 21st, when Florida woman Katlynn Smith killed a 53-year-old man after running a red light and smashing into his Lexus on Saturday morning. She was in the process of fleeing two earlier car accidents when she caused the fatal collision. Katlynn was 28 years old and was driving a Toyota Camry in Pinellas County when the first crash occurred. 

The next story is from October 23rd, when Florida man Paul Bedard, a member of Florida’s GatorBoys Alligator Rescue, bravely jumped in and picked up an alligator out of a pool and put it on land. Paul was called out to the job because an 8-foot 9-inch alligator decided to take a little swim in a pool. Afterward, Paul even describes wrestling an 8-foot 9-inch gator as “actually fun.” According to Paul, the gator was very mellow. In fact,playing with it for a while in the pool and getting it tired, he was able to pick it up out of the pool and tape up its mouth on land.

The last story is from October 7, 2019, when Noah Osborne and Timothy Kepke where both arrested for enticing an alligator to bite them by pouring beer into the alligator’s mouth. Back in September, Kepke caught a small alligator and after the beer was poured into the gator’s mouth the gator aggressively reacts and bites Kepke on the arm. September was when they had warrants for their arrest and they were actually arrested in October.