The Killer Blob

Riley Lunsford, Co-Editor

What is it? 

Physarum polycephalum better known as “the blob” is a single-celled organism. It has no brain, it has no stomach, but it loves oatmeal. Will this blob turn into a venom-like creature shown in the movie “Venom”? Probably not. But what can this thing do? Can it kill us? Can it grow? Can they colonize? These questions will all be answered in this article.

Where did it come from?

While this organism has no definite source, it does have a habitat where it thrives. It mainly grows under moist logs and it lives in damp places. It is now in the Paris zoo which has me thinking that this thing is living all over the world. The only safe place would be in the desert where everything is dry. The worst place to go would be in a swamp.

What can it do?

They have been testing these creatures in a lab to see what they can do. So far they have found that it can work a maze to find oatmeal which is its favorite food. They put it in a Tokyo-shaped maze and it oddly stretched out to the exact shape of the subway system. They can also combine into a huge structure that can combine their knowledge. They don’t have a brain but they have memory. They can retrace their steps to their food sources. They don’t have a mouth or have a stomach but they can eat and digest food. They cannot kill us because they move too slow.