Addams Family Review

Lacie Carter, Writer

Have you ever heard of the Addams Family? Well, this family is not just any family; it’s a spooky, weird, very strange family. There is Gomez which is the father, Morticia is the mother, Pugsley, who is the oldest child, and then there is Wednesday-the young daughter. This movie is about the Addams family of course, but on Morticia and Gomez’s wedding day, they are ambushed by an angry mob because of their marriage. The grandma and Uncle Fester help get them out of there and make a distraction plan. Morticia and Gomez along with the Thing, which is the walking hand, move to a place where no one would ever go to and started their family there.

If I met the Addams Family, I would be respectful and actually would love to spend time at their wedding and be able to do the things they do. People shouldn’t care who you are or what you look like, because everyone is human like everyone else. The Addams Family may seem very spooky because they live in an asylum and wear all black or even tries to kill one another but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to try to be human. This movie can show you every family can be different but at least the parents have a roof for the kid’s heads, food on the table, the kids go to school, and they even have clothes to wear and a place to sleep. If you don’t get to know someone before you judge, then you need help, not the person you meet. This family is actually pretty cool. They are creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky; they are The Addams Family!