Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Hunter Hadley, writer

     In the mid-2000s J.K. Rowling wrote and published the sixth installment to the explosive Harry Potter series. So much happens in this book, and I will take you through the story of Harry’s sixth year. 

    The book picks up a few weeks after the Order of The Phoenix ended. Lord Voldemort has officially been seen by the Ministry of Magic for the first time and now the 2nd Wizarding War has begun. Harry is dealing with the grief of losing his godfather during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries. During this period, (unknown to the readers) Dumbledore put on a cursed ring and basically sealed himself to death. Dumbledore does start getting really close to Harry because he knows what will happen to him later on but he also wants to help Harry on his mission to defeat Voldemort. 

      A lot of appearances and deaths start happening everywhere because of Voldemort and The Order is dealing with some of the problems up front. Draco Malfoy has been made a Death Eater by Voldemort as punishment for his father’s failure during the Order of The Phoenix. Dumbledore takes Harry to recruit Horace Slughorn to teach Potions at the school and during this, he tells Harry he will start giving him private lessons throughout the year. During the year Harry becomes Quidditch Captain and he has to deal with the losses of a few of his team members. He also tails Draco Malfoy wherever he goes because he rightly suspects he is indeed a Death Eater. During Dumbledore’s private lessons he shows Harry memories of Voldemort’s past which to me was my favorite part of the book. At the end of the book Snape kills Dumbledore but at this point in time, we as the readers didn’t have any idea that this was staged but it brought Harry’s dislike of Snape to an all-time high. 

     Honestly, this book was my favorite out of the whole series because of the revelations of Voldemort’s past. This was Harry’s last year of Hogwarts too which was quite interesting. I liked the tone throughout the book because I like the dark part of it. Dumbledore’s death was arguably one of the saddest deaths in the series. Overall I believe this book was my favorite because of the backstory of Voldemort. I would definitely recommend this book for Potter fans everywhere.