Origins of The Sword

Druce Chandler , Writer

When Was The Sword Made For the most part, a sword is a weapon that is a long metal blade and hilt with a hand guard, mainly used for thrusting or striking but now it will typically be worn in a dress. The sword itself was said to have originated in The Bronze Age which is where humans started to work with various types of metals such as bronze and copper according to In spite of swords, The Bronze Age was said to have been from 3300 to 1200 B.C. However, it’s also said that during the Bronze Age, swords started from knives and daggers and during the third millennium B.C. (mainly in the Middle East and parts of Egypt), while the metals used were arsenical bronze, silver and arsenic copper, according to Another thing to note is that each civilization started crafting swords and other objects at different times so it may not always be accurate on what happened at the time. Plus with other items being crafted, better resources were found such as iron and iron made swords significantly more durable and more used. In addition, to the sword being made, it was said, according to stacks, that swords would stop being used before World War Two and would be replaced with more modernized equipment.

Why and How do We Use The Sword

    According to, it is said that the swords were also developed for the ability of inflicting/cutting wounds, stabbing, war, execution, and if you were in certain countries it would show your nobility. Also, we used swords because it was similar to that of a military self-defence item but about this time, they would just start being used for ceremonial use. Surprisingly enough, during the Phillipino Revolution, mothers and their daughters used a sword called bolos in order to defend their town while the fathers and sons would go and fight in the wars. Furthermore, according to sword-buyers, it’s said that some of the things you need to know in order to wield a sword is physical conditioning, mental aspects, deception, confidence, rhythm, intimidation, timing and distance, and caution. Not only using a sword will require those aspects, it has also been said that according to the same website, it has found simple deception, basic attack lines, and lines of defense, but will tell you a bit more.  


What Type of Swords Were Made 


By far when swords were around, after becoming a thing in Egypt and the Middle East, they used to be the main weapons in Africa, Chaldea, Asia, pre-Hellenic Greece, Rome and Europe, according to For example,a typical European sword is a straight and pointed blade, while curved swords were developed in Asia and the Middle East. More of the less, swords were also made into two groups–the single- handed group and the ambidextrous group and typical dual swords are The Flamberge, Claymore, Kriegmeisser, and the Japanese Odachi. In contrast, the single-handed sword is a short-sword that typically could be gripped with one hand. But, a typical short sword example will be the Elven Sword, Celtic, and the Centurion Gladius which originated from the Celtics, Romans, and Spanish. As a matter of fact, by far one of the more notorious swords the Claymore, is a sword that was used during medieval and Renaissance and was derived from the gaelic word  “claidheamhmòr” meaning great sword, also according to


Where Can Swords be Found Now


Unlike the main uses of swords, swords today are mainly used for ceremonial use. According to, swords are typically used in military ceremonies, while the sword is made of a special type of metal not made for combat use. Be that as it may, swords can also be bought on online websites but they’ll mainly just be replicated and used for souvenirs or cosmetic purposes. Don’t forget despite swords being used in the Bronze Age, World War Two, and celebrations, they also can be found inside games that usually have a medieval setting or just cheap material. Lastly, if you wield a sword fake or real, just remember to be cautious as you may hurt or injure anyone as this is not a game–its real life.