Florida Man Volume:5


Christian Courtney, writer


Florida Man stories are bizarre stories that happen in the state of Florida. Florida has a lot of crazy people in it, which means we get crazy headlines. A lot of the stories that are out of Florida are from people that are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Here’s a compilation of Florida Man Stories. 

The first story is from October 31, when 56-year old Florida Man Leonardo Fernandez threw nunchucks in a car window at a traffic light shattering the window. The victim told investigators Fernandez cut him off in a van while driving on Linebaugh Avenue, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office said the victim told investigators he pulled up next to Fernandez and told Fernandez to put his phone down.

The next story is from November 4, when a Florida man is accused of spitting on a man’s Make American Great Again hat. Officials said Robert Youngblood was sitting with his friends when a man approached him and said, “You should go back to Russia, you communist,” and then slapped the bill of Youngblood’s hat. “I had my “Make America Great Again” hat on just like this and we’re sitting there talking, and all of a sudden, a guy comes by and hits me like that on the head and I’m like, I’m stunned, what just happened?” said Youngblood. That’s when the man allegedly walked around a gate, leaned over and then spit on Youngblood before leaving the scene. “I looked like ‘What is wrong with you?’ and he spits all over me and then he walked away,” said Youngblood.