November Sports Recap

Hunter Hadley, writer



Baltimore Ravens upset New England Patriots in dominant fashion. On Sunday, November 3rd, the Baltimore Ravens hosted the New England Patriots in Baltimore. Lamar Jackson rushed for 67 yards and two touchdowns while completing 17 passes for 167 yards and one touchdown. The Ravens’ rushing attack was superb surpassing over 200 yards on the Patriots’ stout defense. 


Washington Nationals win World Series for the first time in franchise history and this is the first time in the history of the World Series were the road team won all the games. In a surprising upset the Nationals beat the Houston Astros in seven games to win the World Series on October 30th. The Astros were heavy favorites due to their pitching tandem of Garrit Cole and Justin Verlander but also their star hitters George Springer and Jose Altuve. The Nationals did own Verlander and Cole in all the games they played in. The MVP of the World Series was Stephen Strausberg for his outstanding pitching in Game Seven. 


College Basketball made a comeback with a bang as the top four teams played each other in the Champions Classic in Madison Square Garden on November 5th. #3 Kansas took on #4 Duke in the first game while #1 Michigan State took on #2 Kentucky making this the second time that the top two teams in the country played each other on opening night. In the first game Duke defeated Kansas 68-66. Duke forced a whopping 28 turnovers in this game which matches the amount that Kansas committed in the 1988 tournament. #2 Kentucky defeated #1 Michigan State 69-62 in a gritty defensive matchup. 


The first college football playoff rankings were officially announced onNovember 5th. The top four teams are Ohio State, LSU, Alabama, and Penn State. These rankings are interesting because the initial #3 team has never made it to the final bowl games. As of this past weekend Alabama and Penn State lost their games respectively. LSU beat Alabama 46-41 and is most likely going to take the #1 spot