The Border Wall

Mary Schafer, Writer


Donald Trump is making U.S taxpayers pay for the border wall. But  people are saying that Mexico has a big deployment of National Guard troops on the border wall in the past months did play a part with the wall. But recently Trump added that he has been using Mexico to protect the great work that has been done on the entire wall. President Trump wanted to thank President Lopez Obrador of Mexico with help on the border wall. The United States has set up about 20-30 checkpoints throughout the Border Wall to make sure what is going through both sides of the Border Wall.

Recently Donald Trump told the United Nations General Assembly that he is putting about 27,000 U.S troops on the southern border. But a few days later the U.S Customs chief said that he is going to praise the Mexico President for the part on the Border Wall. But our troops that we have on the Border Wall are trying to stop migrants from getting into the Wall. Has of right now there are about 15,000 U.S troops that are deployed on the Northern Border Wall. A of right now the southern border has about 12,000 troops, they also have about 20 to 21 checkpoints set about. We both use Military Helicopters, by using them we have found and stopped about 60,000 migrants. 

The people of Mexico are unhappy that the Mexican Government is not protecting their people at all. We both are making immgration stricter on both sides of the border. The public’s opinion towards migration in Mexico has been shifting a lot there. The Military Police and the National Guard has blocked a big group of migrants trying to get North and trying to get into the US. The United States and Mexico is trying to limit the amount of migrants coming into the United States.