Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Callis

Aleana Meador, Sports Editor

The Teacher Spotlight is a new series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of some of our favorite teachers. Each week, our class picks teachers that they believe best fit the requirements of A Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Callis is an English teacher here at Southwestern High School. Mrs. Callis has been teaching since 1980. She taught in Colorado before Indiana. She said she became a teacher because “I always think of the people I knew in school whose lives could’ve been so different if a teacher had told them I believe in you more than you do right now and will not accept anything less than some effort on your part. I became that teacher.”  “I plan to spend a lot of time in Tampa with my daughter and grandson and read all that I want when I want.” 

What do you like about teaching?

I like a captive audience that goes out of the room smarter than when they came.

What is your favorite subject to teach?

I  like American Lit best because I like history as well.

What are five adjectives that describe you?

Mrs. Callis asked her students to answer this one. Some responses included: straight-forward, efficient, hard-working, tough, and compassionate.  

What are some of your hobbies?

I read a lot and also have a deep relationship with Netflix, Hulu, and Prime.