North Korea’s Christmas Gift Threat

Mary Schafer, Writer

     The Trump Administration is now running out of time to talk with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un about the nuclear negotiations with North Korea. A senior diplomat for the U.S  said that it is up to the United States to choose what Christmas gift they will get from North Korea. People think that North Korea could resume a long-distance missile test. But talks with both President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un have been in the ruts for months now. The statements came after North Korea dials up the pressure on Washington. North Korea has recently demanded broad sanctions relief in exchange for a surrender of its nuclear capabilities. 

     Sometime after the statements came out there was an apparent missile test that landed in the Sea of Japan.  South Korea said that it was 2 unidentified projectiles. A Vice Foreign Minister that is handling the U.S. Affairs said that earlier North Korea stated that the country has no more intentions to even continue the nuclear diplomacy unless North Korea gets something in return from the United States.  The North Koreans recently described Americans as “old stance and attitude”. Recently Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un said that he is going to seek a new path if the Americans persist with the sanctions and the added pressure. 

     In recent months North Korea has been testing a lot of new solid-fueled missile systems. Also, President Trump and Kim Jong-Un have been saying a lot of mean things to each other, but during the exchange of words between Trump and Kim there were war threats. But both said that their relationship between them was really good since the high-stakes nuclear summit in 2018. But when Kim Jong-un tested an intercontinental ballistic missile in July, he called it the package of gifts to the U.S for the July 4th Holiday. Time will tell if the US is on North Korea’s naughty or nice list, but in the meantime, we will try to avoid the missle-toe!