Affordable Technology

William Leach, Editor

As technology advances, affordable technology is quickly becoming worth its value. You no longer need $1,000 devices to get your work done in a timely and convenient manner. Companies have worked to make their computers and tablets available to people of all price ranges, and here are two standout examples.


Google launched the first Chromebook in 2011, in collaboration with Acer and Samsung. In 2018, Chrome OS and Chromebooks made up 60% of the market share among all laptops and tablets in the U.S. provided by CNBC. The operating system that Chromebooks run is Chrome OS, a fast and easy OS that runs entirely off your Chrome browser. This makes the devices heavily reliant on Wi-Fi but it offers offline Google Docs saves for your device. Chromebooks are a great device to own if you are on a budget and want something that will last.

iPad 6th and 7th Generation

In March of last year, Apple announced a budget-friendly, $329 iPad that was focused on school work. These iPads boast 10 hours of battery life, support for note-taking with the Apple Pencil, and up to 256 gigabytes of internal storage. iPads run their own operating system, iPadOs 13. This operating system includes multitasking for documents, up to 32 people Facetime calls and support for millions of productivity apps on the App Store. These iPads start at $329 and are perfect for those who want high performance at a low price.