Florida Man Volume:7

Zach Wolf, Writer

In Florida, there has been a new law enforced for a plastic straw, a man  was ordering a drink at a McDonald’s restaurant in St. Petersburg Florida. He raised with heat. He then walked behind the counter and got into an argument with the employee he then grabbed her across the counter and hit her and kicked her in the stomach. The woman said, “ We are not allowed to have plastic straws in the lobby but you can get one upon request”. After they got seperated the woman started to curse the man out and continue to yell at him, she then was looking for her phone and the man yelled saying “I want her fired now” the woman replied with “ No your going to jail you put your hands on me first”. The man told everyone that he was only trying to ask her a question when he grabbed her. On the way out of the restaurant he continued to yell at them then kicked another employee on the stomach on his way out of the McDonald’s restaurant. The man was not injured in anyway but the woman he kicked on the way out said she felt a bad pain in her stomach. When the police arrived they noticed the man outside of McDonald’s and took him into custody. By the end of the night the 40 year old man was arrested and charged with two simple battery charges. They ended up locking the doors to McDonald’s until a woman started to knock on the door saying she had a video of the whole thing on her phone, they let her in and they showed the police the evidence… The woman at McDonald’s still works there and said that there needs to be more rules to protect the employees that work there. The guys name was Daniel Taylor, They didn’t know if the guy that hit the woman had a gun or  a knife so they didn’t bother to help her, then a McDonald’s employee stepped in and separated them it took a total of 15 seconds to get Taylor away from her.