U.S. tensions rise with Iran

Mary Schafer, Writer

What lead up the boiling tensions between American and Iran was when the U.S military assassinated the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. The Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that “the drone strike was a slap on the face.” When President Donald Trump heard about the Iran attack he tweeted about it, then iran decided to step down. The attack was made on a  U.S military base that was housing U.S. soldiers in Iraq. But Iraq is wanting U.S. soldiers out of Iraq. Congress is wanting to if Soleimani was really targeting 4 our embassies. A study shows that Americans said after the assassination of Solemmani make the U.S. less safer than before. Donald Trump just announced that there is a new raft of sanctions against Iran. The sanctions will remain until Iran’s behavior changes. During his speech, Trump asked NATO to join and be involved in on the deal with Iran.

Picture is from CNN.com