Florida Man Volume:8

Aleea Crumley, Writer

At the Alligator Farm Zoological Park in St. Augustine Florida, two workers began their workday with quite a surprise. They entered the enclosure and noticed a pair of Croc shoes floating in the water as well as some discarded clothing. The employees did not see a person in the enclosure, but they noticed blood trailing up to the top of the enclosure. They alerted police right away. 

Police solved the case and arrested twenty-three-year-old Brandon Hatfield. Someone had already called the police on Brandon, as they noticed him crawling through a local woman’s yard, bloody with only underwear on. Surveillance videos show Brandon entered the enclosure at around 7:45 P.M., on November 5, and spent five hours in the exhibit. 

The surveillance video shows Brandon sitting on the bank of the pool with little fear. While Brandon was sitting by the pool a twelve-foot alligator latched onto his foot. He began to fight off the alligator, luckily he got away. Jeff Black, a man that lived near the alligator exhibit saw the young man crawling in his yard and Brandon said to him, ¨An old man was feeding him to the alligators.¨ After receiving the call from the alligator farm, police put two and two together. Brandon was treated at Flagler Hospital for his injuries and was sentenced to one year in jail. (Leah Silverman)