Refs Make History At Superbowl LIV

Aleea Crumley, Sports Editor

On February 2, 2020, history was made at Super Bowl fifty-four. Five of the seven members of the officiating crew were African American. This being the most for the Super Bowl and for any NFL game. According to the NFL´s website, there are one hundred and twenty-two officials, thirty-four are African American. 

You may be wondering how the NFL chooses only seven referees out of one hundred and twenty-two officials for the Super Bowl. They make assignments based off of reviews and playoff performance. The five African American officials who worked at the Super Bowl were Carl Johnson, Boris Cheek, Michael Banks, Greg Steed, and Barry Anderson. All of them have worked at the Super Bowl before, and have had many years of experience. 

Keith Harrison, an associate professor in Sports Business Management, said, ¨The numbers are telling. The league uses true metrics to make decisions. And the best among the league’s officials are justifiably rewarded.¨ Many people are happy to see the diversity in the NFL. Super Bowl fifty-four was an important day of NFL history and an exciting day for many. (Keith Harriston)