Winter Anomalies

Druce Chandler, Writer


So far the winter season has been different this year because of the weather, temperature and clouds not having their abnormal patterns. For instance, a good example of this was the temperature on Christmas day being sixty- four degrees. This isn’t the first time this winter this has happened. On February 2, 2020, we had a temperature of sixty-three. This doesn’t mean we aren’t receiving the cold days of winter, it’s just that there are a few days in the winter season that actually are warmer than usual. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Climate Prediction Center predicted that there would be warmer-than-average temperatures not just here, but across the United States.

          In addition, the NOAA also predicted wetter-than-average weather across the northern US from December to February. This is true because we have had a higher quantity of rainy days leading to wetter than usual weather. To add on to this, if the temperature was below freezing and it’s raining, we could be dealing with frozen ice on roads due to the rain. As a matter of fact, we haven’t had to deal with that this winter, but we have had to deal with a wet, marshy ground from the amount of rain. If it isn’t rainy outside during this winter it may just be one day of sun or three days of clouds.      

Now, this brings out the last point, this winter has had less sunlight/snow and more clouds and rain. In January about seventeen days have been cloudy, three have been clear, and the remaining ten days have been a mix. A problem with less sunlight is if  your body doesn’t get enough sunlight, you could experience a lack of vitamin D deficiency. Due to nimbostratus clouds appearing more frequently this winter, there has been more rain than snow this winter. When there was snow this winter it wasn’t staying for days, it simply would melt in less than a day after it fell from the clouds. The reason for this is due to higher temperatures and wetter conditions. Most of all, if this winter weather gets a new pattern, we should make sure to prepare for what could come.