Eve Anderson: Senior Spotlight


Lauren Ross, Writer

The Senior Spotlight is a series of articles by The Rebellious Times highlighting the unique actions or personality of our seniors. Each week, the senior class picks seniors that they believe best fit the requirements of that week’s Senior Spotlight.


Eve works at Frisch’s in Madison, Indiana, and has for a year and a half. She doesn’t have any hobbies since she works all the time. Eve attends vocational school for fire safety and emergency services, where she has the opportunity to receive dual credit from Vincennes University. She first came to our school in seventh grade and has been with us ever since.


  1. What is one thing you will miss most about high school? I’ll miss getting free food.
  2. What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? I like to visit my boyfriend.
  3. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? I once ate a cup full of mustard on a dare. I threw it up later.
  4. What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you used to rock? I tried to be emo during my seventh and eighth-grade year, but I didn’t know how to straighten my hair properly. I also used to wear strange combinations such as jeans underneath skirts and shorts on top of leggings or jeans.
  5. What is some advice you would give to incoming freshmen? You don’t need friends. Just try to get good grades and get out of here.
  6. Do you have any final thoughts? When is graduation?